Saturday, June 2, 2012

So Proud!

I recently entered my Dad into a contest on the website.  It was a DIY contest with the winner getting 1200.00 worth of tools from Canadian Tire.  Before I go too far, he didn't win but he did get an honourable mention and a gift card for Canadian Tire. He has a huge long list of DIY projects including the mason jar pendant lights in the photos, but the most recent one is the concrete countertop for their kitchen.  I have added a few photos here for you to see, but the link for the contest winners is
 This one above is taken before the epoxy was added.

Congrats Dad, I am proud of you!


theBreedvelds said...

That looks great! Thanks for posting pictures! Maybe he could be the RedDeer branch of ConcreteCat :)

Tan Robbin said...

Nice house! Can you try checking out my blog? It's about poems!

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