Saturday, June 2, 2012

So Proud!

I recently entered my Dad into a contest on the website.  It was a DIY contest with the winner getting 1200.00 worth of tools from Canadian Tire.  Before I go too far, he didn't win but he did get an honourable mention and a gift card for Canadian Tire. He has a huge long list of DIY projects including the mason jar pendant lights in the photos, but the most recent one is the concrete countertop for their kitchen.  I have added a few photos here for you to see, but the link for the contest winners is
 This one above is taken before the epoxy was added.

Congrats Dad, I am proud of you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Backyard Fun

Last fall Aaron started building a sandbox from a blog that we found. He completed it last fall but we didn't get sand into it in time to use. Now that spring is here we finally went and rented a trailer and filled it with sand. Luke has been very patient and was thrilled when we finally were finished it. If you want the link to the blog click here .

We also purchased a cedar playhouse from Costco early in the year and we have also completed that and have it out.  In my mind this should mean hours of entertainment outside without any boring (for me) trips to our small playground, as well as a chance for me to relax outside and drink a cup of coffee, we'll see, so far so good. We were able to catch a few pictures before it started raining.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Hoot of a Party

Today Sam turns 1!  I say it with every birthday my kids have, but I can't believe it!  It seems even more so with Sam.  How can he be one?  It feels like time has just escaped me.  I guess this is a good reminder to enjoy every moment. Just an update on the boy himself. Sam weighed 9lbs 4 oz at birth and he is currently 26lbs and 2'6".  I know this sounds huge and it is, but he has plateaued in growth.  He was at this same stage at 8 months. He isn't walking yet, but could if he wanted to, it is all about confidence. He is overall very serious but as you can see, when he smiles it can light up the room. Finally, it is now apparent that he is not a quiet child either. Like his sister and brother he can make himself heard to everyone!
On Saturday we had a birthday party for him. We had a great time and he was a very spoiled bday boy. Happy Birthday Samuel.  We love you!

 This is a kiss by the way. 

Sam, A Year in Pictures

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Luke is 3!

Yesterday Luke officially turned 3. I cannot believe it. We celebrated with a construction themed birthday, or as he called it, "his digger party". It was rather fitting since we had the decorations inside as well as out. The town is putting playing fields behind our place so we have a huge construction site behind us to watch all day. Here are a few shots of the party. Just a note that Luke and Katie stayed at my parents over night the night before and Luke was officially shot before the party. He lay on the floor or couch for the first 30 minutes and just scowled at everyone. Gotta love 3 year olds!

Sadly, our crew photo was missing 2 of our little workers.


Recent Times

Spring has finally arrived "technically" and I am very quietly going to say I think it may actually be true. I am hoping the forecast of snow tomorrow is wrong. For me, not much is more springy than pussy willows. Thanks to my parents and Katie, I have 4 bundles around the house. They make me happy. It has been nice enough that we have been making a point of walking to pick up Katie from school. This has been good for the kids but I think maybe a little more so for me. It is a good walk and gets us out for about an hour walk each day.

Life as a whole has been going well. The kids are growing... so much and so quickly. It happens so gradually each day, but when you look back at photos from even a few months ago, it is amazing to see the changes. Here a few shots of the boys that we took recently.